Garment Technology Assistant wanted at Keela International

Job Title: Garment Technology Assistant

Location: Sales Office, Nasmyth Road, Southfield Ind Est, Glenrothes, KY6 2SD

Reports to: Sales Office Manager

Who we are

Keela was built on the foundation of IQT – Innovation, Quality, Technology and value for money. We pride ourselves on our approach to design and research, and constantly work to improve according to our three core beliefs – Innovation (IQT) Sustainability and Community. An outdoor clothing manufacturer and part of the Ardmel Automation Ltd Group working closely with our sister company Ilasco, providing clothing solutions to a variety of customers; including corporate, emergency services and the general public.

Who we’re looking for

The most important skills in this role are great communication and attention to detail, with a genuine enthusiasm for delivering the best possible service.

You don’t need to be an experienced Garment Technologist, but you’ll definitely need to bring brilliant industry knowledge either through experience or relevant qualification (HND or degree, enthusiasm, ambition, plus a passion innovation, technology environment and a passion or the outdoors. Most importantly, you’ll show a real commitment to technical garment development. The role will have engagements with Design, Production, Sales, and Technical department.


Here’s what you’d be doing

To assist both design department & production departments in the development of garments and production process

  1. To develop & assist in patterns and advise pattern makers on the development of new styles
  2. To have a sound knowledge of garment construction
  3. QC checking & audits both materials/trims and finished products
  4. Testing of materials/trims and finished products – in house, laboratory and real-life conditions
  5. Production assistance
  6. Produce the embroidery markers and placement instruction sheets for embroidery sub-contract company
  7. Assist in garment design from initial conception to finished trimmed product
  8. Design labels and badges
  9. To document garment specifications
  10. To review samples
  11. To ensure that we adhere to the design requirements outline in our ISO 9001 procedures manual
  12. Design adverts and point of sale material for Keela

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